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We wouldn’t want to deprive ourselves of eating bread for any other delicacies in this world, even though we often hear about the need to reduce the amount of carbohydrate-heavy products in our daily diet. Today in Warsaw, thanks to increasingly ambitious and professional bakers, we are eating increasingly healthier bread, and our concerns about its consumption are diminishing. The best bread, rolls, and other products can be found in artisan bakeries that combine knowledge and passion for bread baking with the highest quality ingredients, such as natural sourdough, organic flours, and a long fermentation process.

Last updated: December 18, 2023



Warsaw residents have a really wide choice; the best bakeries fight each year on October 16th to ensure that the passion for craftsmanship is not forgotten. That’s when a competition for the best bakery is announced. Even on Warsaw’s Praga, the Bread Museum was created, all so that future generations would know why this symbolic bake is so important on Polish tables and what work needs to be done to make bread not only good but above all, healthy and free of chemical additives.

The best bakeries in Warsaw only offer healthy baked goods – where to get good bread?

Bakeries in Warsaw are competing in the quality, taste and nutritious values of their products. If you want to eat only good bread, be sure to visit the bakeries selected by us and choose the ones that stand out with their special care, professionalism, and innovation.

It turns out that a lot is happening in the baking industry in the capital and it’s worth giving in to local masters who increasingly surprise and create bakery products that have never been dreamed of by the oldest residents of Warsaw. Enter the world of early birds in white aprons, find the best bakeries in the city to satisfy your appetite and take care of your health.






Cała w Mące

This bakery in Żoliborz is the domain, or rather the creative space, of Monika Walecka, a bread enthusiast and photographer. Her professional experience matured in the best bakeries worldwide, and today she delights the people of Warsaw. Many of them have become loyal customers of the local baked goods. Everything here has its meaning and reason. “Cała w Mące” (All in Flour) produces sourdough bread using artisan methods.

Interestingly, the owner of “Cała w Mące” is interested in old varieties of grains, such as emmer, einkorn, or spelt, and prefers to use them in the production of her bread. A characteristic feature of all her bread is the dark, toasted crust. Its appearance on the bread’s surface is proof that baking took place at a high temperature to achieve the Maillard reaction, i.e., caramelization of the crust. It guarantees excellent taste, crispiness, and also ensures that the bread keeps better. “Cała w Mące” is a place for connoisseurs, and once you try their bread, you will undoubtedly come back for more 😉

ul. Krasickiego 18, Żoliborz


Dej was born from the fusion of two workshops and, at the same time, two baking enthusiasts – Justyna Roszkowska from “Pochlebnie” and Anna Rożalska. The former previously created the bakery “Pochlebnie,” while the latter, as a graduate of the renowned Le Cordon Blue school, after gaining experience in outstanding bakeries in London, was the head of “Montażownia Cukiernicza.”

“Dej” is a celebration of bread-making. The place radiates an atmosphere of focus and passion, as well as homely warmth. In the initial stage, the premises were located in the basement of a house on Płatnicza Street in Bielany, Warsaw. After renovation, the bakery-café found its place in Anna Rożalska’s family home.

The dominant element, as is often the case in a bakery, is a huge, impressive, three-story continuously working oven. It rings loudly every time another batch of fragrant creations is taken out of it, setting the rhythm of the entire staff, as everything revolves around it.

And what do customers love the most? Wonderful bread in almost every version – whether wheat, rye, mixed, or vegan, baguettes, and rolls. There’s an extensive range of sweet pastries, including freshly baked sweet rolls in the morning, pastries with cream and without, seasonal berry buns, pastéis de nata, and cannelle. During the summer, they make homemade ice cream, and customers are spoiled with a wide range of ways to enjoy it, such as in donuts or croissants. In addition, the place is known for its tasty coffee in several varieties.

From the very door, you can smell enticing aromas drawing you inside, and a pleasant family atmosphere is palpable. You have to experience it and then come back in different seasons because the offering changes depending on the season and occasion.

ul. Płatnicza 57, Bielany
Bakeries Warsaw
Warsaw has plenty of fantastic bakeries – Photo: Angelo Pantazis/Unsplash

Kubuś Piekarenka

This is one of the newest spots for breakfast and bakeries in the capital. Right from the start, the creators of “Kubuś” captured customers’ attention with an unconventional entrance to the industry. They opened the establishment on Fat Thursday, offering donuts with egg and caviar. Their venue is located in the heart of Warsaw at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Oleandrów streets, previously occupied by a grocery and industrial goods store of the same name. Today, “Kubuś” is a spacious, uniquely designed space with pastel murals on the walls and a cafe atmosphere. The artisan bread menu offers delicious bread with a characteristic soft crumb and crispy crust. You’ll also find baguettes, pastries, and a whole range of ingredient-rich sweets.

If you want to treat yourself to an original breakfast, there is probably no more sophisticated place for this occasion and for a big appetite. The choices are tempting, for example, the “zestaw z awanturką” includes mackerel paste with pickles, soft-boiled eggs, asparagus al dente, served on yogurt with pesto, a hint of mint, and a salad of young spinach, bread and butter, and an omelet with crayfish tails, paprika chips with Groseran cheese. The latter might sound foreign, but it’s actually a Polish cheese from Grodzisk. A fantasy worth a visit!

Especially recommended by regulars is the casserole with oyster mushrooms, pouring Bursztyn cheese, creamy scrambled eggs, and a salad of pickled cucumber with horseradish, fermented ketchup, and herbal mayonnaise. For dessert, a recommended choice is apple fritters with whipped cream and cinnamon. “Kubuś” also serves takeaway sandwiches with egg and truffle paste. Stop by, you won’t regret it!

ul. Marszałkowska 19, Śródmieście






Here is the aristocrat among the bakeries in Warsaw. It is in good taste to stock up on bread at ‘Aromat,’ sit down for coffee and a croissant in one of the cafes. They attract hordes of customers. Just passing by one of the locations, you can see the emerging admirers of the place who can’t resist the pleasure of taking a souvenir selfie with the ‘Aromat’ logo in the background.

The bakery’s success can be attributed primarily to the quality of the products, but also to the elegant interiors. The creators made a huge and effective effort, engaging in hard work and immense passion. From the beginning, although the idea was simple, it already contained the essence of the soul of the future bakery chain. The creators set out to combine the French tradition of baking with the creation of a Warsaw-style bakery-cafe. In this way, and sticking to this principle, atmospheric and elegant bakeries with a place for consumption inside began to emerge, where aromatic and flavorful baked goods were created based on natural, healthy ingredients and using French flour.

If you also imagine a wide range of offered delicacies served with high-quality Arabica coffee from the Warsaw roastery ‘Czarna Fala,’ you have a complete picture of the pleasures offered. You can have a hearty breakfast here, buy a sandwich to go, or order catering. The local breads and baguettes delight the taste buds, and aesthetic eclairs, lemon tartlets, fruit cheesecakes, brioche, and croissants completely captivate everyone who enters here. Treat yourself to a moment of pleasure and elegance.

ul. Sienna 39, Śródmieście
ul. Koszykowa 53, Śródmieście
ul. Hoża 42, Śródmieście
ul. Jagiellońska 36, Praga-Północ
ul. Puławska 24a, Mokotów
Best bakeries in Warsaw
Warsaw is a great city if you crave some delicious bread

Rano Piekarnia

Located in Warsaw’s Praga district, this tiny bakery offers residents wonderfully prepared pastries that are increasingly attracting customers from outside the neighborhood. The recipe seems simple—good ingredients, tasty, and aromatic pastries.

The place was created by Weronika Nogańska and Mateusz Karkoszka. She has experience from “Lokal Bakery” in Katowice, while he cooked at “Kieliszki na Próżnej.” Weronika, as a passionate individual, nurtured and shaped her dream of building a bread business from a very young age. She learned and experimented with artisanal bread dough recipes herself. As a certain philosophy took shape, the idea of building an investment line in Weronika’s mind grew. Quality was emphasized. Following old recipes, the bakery produces bread based on the highest quality ingredients and a long fermentation process.

In her bakery, you’ll find excellent quality classic wheat bread, wheat with oats, rye with flaxseed and sunflower, and rye bread. Only Babalski’s or Ciechanów’s flour, or flour from Polski Młyn, is used to make these treasures. The establishment serves excellent coffee in several varieties, with a wide selection of plant-based milk, as well as sandwiches. The range of sweet baked goods includes bostocks, brioches, chausson aux pommes, sandwiches, and eggs in various forms.

ul. Stalowa 47, Praga Północ

Będzie Dobrze

This bakery in Mokotów stands out with several interesting elements. Firstly, it is the only bakery that offers a range of products from around the world. Secondly, as an attraction, customers can observe the entire bread production process from A to Z through a glass wall inside, separating the actual bakery from the workshop. This feature generates significant interest and enthusiasm among customers. You can witness the production process of bread such as Japanese shokupan, Korean garlic buns with cream cheese, French baguettes, or Polish fruit cakes.

Dagmara Rosiak, who calls herself Hungry Daga, the owner of the establishment, infects everyone with optimism and seems to attract customers with her smile and positive energy. The timing chosen by the creators of this place for its opening indicates their positive attitude towards life. “It will be fine” was established during the pandemic, when negative thoughts were more common than those related to Dagmara’s business sign. This good energy can be felt in the atmosphere among the employees and in the relationship with the customer. There is another way to understand the name of the place, explained by the owner— the location is somewhat hidden from the street noise, so if you find us, everything will be fine.

Vintage equipment dominates the interior design, all reclaimed, adhering to the zero-waste principle. Since mainly light colors were used, even the decor radiates positivity, smiles, and invites you inside. In addition to baked goods, artisanal ice cream is offered here in the summer, and the signature flavor is bread crust with salted caramel. It’s worth coming here to savor the food and atmosphere. Note the opening hours; the place is open from Thursday to Monday. During the week, it’s open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and on weekends from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

ul. Puławska 23/25, Mokotów

Try real bread in the best bakeries in Warsaw

Bread has been the foundation of our nourishment for centuries. It gives us a sense of satiety, comfort, and family warmth. It exists in all corners of the planet in many forms, always prepared with the same care and beloved on every occasion. We eat every crumb, crunch the crust, wipe the last streaks of sauce on the plate with it. With bread, anything can be eaten, it can be a complement to a dish or take the lead as a sandwich or toast. Depending on tradition, idea, or moment, we slice it with precise width or tear it apart in a sudden burst of appetite. We encourage you on this journey through the best bakeries in Warsaw, let yourself be surprised.