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Do you dream of a drink that will take you away to a New York rooftop bar with its taste? Warsaw is full of places where you can relax with excellent music and drink the best cocktails. It’s hard to pick one bar out of the few hundred cocktail places available.

Last updated: January 19, 2024



One thing is for certain – you won’t be disappointed. Do you like sophisticated drinks, or would you rather have some pure vodka, gin, or whiskey? Warsaw’s bars offer a dozen variations of flavored spirits, creative serving methods, and a mind-blowing selection of liquors from every corner of the world.

Where do they serve the best drinks? Which bars should you go check out?

You can drink beer on any day at any bar and restaurant. But if someday, you find yourself craving something more distinguished, something special, something you’ve never had before, don’t put it off for later. Go out right away, alone or with a group of friends, and paint the town red in one of our recommended cocktail bars that will quench your thirst.






The Roof

A sky bar on the 21st floor, with an inside terrace and a captivating view of the center of Warsaw. Upon entry, you are welcomed with a sophisticated ambiance where high-class bartenders will serve you the best drinks in the capital and are accompanied by friendly staff, happy to help with your drink choice. The interior space is elegant and modern, as it should be in those types of places. It will make you feel great whether you are on a date, a hangout with friends, or an evening with your coworkers. The music is played at a medium level, which allows for a relaxed conversation.

The drinks menu is incredibly diverse. The composition of flavors of excellent high-quality spirits and additions will not only please, but also surprise even the most seasoned gourmands. Their original drinks deserve special attention. Ultrafiolet and Sunset21 are a sure choice, but Fuji, based on vodka, sake, Midori, lemon juice, passionfruit, and kiwi, will teleport you to an exotic island! It’s an unforgettable taste.

We advise you to book your table in advance because the view from the terrace is a feature highly appreciated by The Roof’s clients – so it tends to get pretty crowded. On an end note, we’d like to mention that The Roof has become a popular place for incredible music events. The artists invited there will make your night, add to that the metropolitan lights and exquisite cocktails, and you have yourself a recipe for a perfect evening.

ul. Rondo Daszyńskiego 2, Wola

Woda Ognista

Stylishly, elegantly, and in the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw – that’s how one can indulge in some of the best cocktails in Warsaw. Woda Ognista is a place that has firmly established itself on the alcoholic map of Warsaw. The well-known cocktail bar in Warsaw is created by enthusiasts and devotees of mixology who constantly delve into history, reconstruct forgotten recipes and cocktail preparation techniques, and most importantly, eagerly share their vast knowledge in this field. Woda Ognista serves flavor compositions based on history and infusion, whether with herbs or various spices. Cocktails poured from shakers have a history, soul, and unique character.

In the cocktail menu, also designed in the aforementioned pre-war Warsaw atmosphere, customers can choose drinks with equally characteristic names from the bygone era such as ‘Bal na Gnojnej’ or ‘Tango Milonga.’ The staff moves with natural elegance, and the experience and expertise are evident in every move, serving as a kind of art show. Woda Ognista, besides offering excellent drinks, also provides brilliant snacks. The selection of so-called ‘Polish Tapas’ satisfies the hunger of the most refined palate – smoked tartare, chicken liver, herring, and blood sausage. The place is not only created for a gathering in a larger group but also for a romantic evening for two.

ul. Wilcza 8, Śródmieście
Cocktail bars in Warsaw
Warsaw has plenty of great cocktail bars. Na zdrowie!

Loreta Bar

Even if you come here early, you’ll still leave late because that’s Loretta. It dazzles with its decor, astonishes with the variety of available drinks, provides space for everyone, and offers views of the most beautiful sunsets with a view of the Palace of Culture. During the summer, Loreta invites you to a spacious terrace that can accommodate up to 40 people. In the long autumn and winter evenings, it offers stylish sofas, atmospheric lighting, and periodically, evenings accompanied by music. Such atmospheric places for social gatherings are rare, so it’s all the more worth visiting Loreta Bar at the Puro Hotel.

The compositions of the best alcohols create a unique, multidimensional taste that, surrounded by the tastefully decorated interior, you will savor with pleasure. Each cocktail is prepared with high-quality spirits by top-class bartenders, showcasing a truly professional approach to the craft. An ideal place for a business meeting or simply a romantic evening with a drink, and there’s really plenty to choose from. Be sure to ask the bartender for the Frenzy Trance, a cocktail that surprises! Inspired by the famous painting by Władysław Podkowiński, “Ecstasy,” it combines Havana 3Y0 rum infused with vanilla, falernum (a characteristic syrup from Barbados), classic fassionola, lime, and herbal bitter. However, Loretta’s menu is very extensive, and everyone will surely find something for themselves.

ul. Widok 9, Śródmieście





Kita Koguta

Kita Koguta is popular among the locals for its Friday live music, delicious drinks and original cocktails. The stylish décor will make you feel at ease, and the coherence of Kita Koguta’s concept will make an electrifying impression on you.
At the beginning of your visit to Kita Koguta, you’ll be served a glass of water with an aftertaste of fresh cucumber to flush your mouth – it’s a local ritual. After that, the waiter will get your order. In this moment, you can get carried away by your visions and fantasies, and fulfill your long-awaited dream of a place where you will be served the best drink ever, almost made by hand for you. How come?
Because at Kita Koguta, there is no menu! The bartender prepares a drink for you based on your favorite ingredients and preferences. However, if you don’t have any ideas or specific wants, you can also just tell the waiter whether you prefer something sweet, or sour, whether you drink vodka or whiskey. The bartender will then let their fantasies run wild and serve you a unique drink of your dreams!

Drinks at Kita Koguta also look amazing because they are served in aesthetically pleasing, unique glasses.
If you’re ever at Kita Koguta, you must ask for their specialty – Corn’n’Oil, but if you struggle with the pronunciation, just say you’d like some pickles. You won’t regret it!

ul. Krucza 6/14, Śródmieście
Drink cocktails Warsaw
Warsaw has a lot of great cocktail bars – Photo: Johann Trasch/Unsplash

Klar Cocktail Bar & Pizza

Krakowskie Przedmieście is the city’s business card. It’s an incredibly charming and atmospheric place. If you’d like to magnify that impression and also feel like having a drink, then go to Klar Cocktail Bar & Pizza. This unique place is located in the tenement house Cechy Krawców, also called Kamienica Krawiecka, which was built in the XVII century. You’ll feel an incredible ambiance there. You have to see the part of the bar located in the basement – it brings a completely different dimension of sensations.

At Klar Cocktail Bar & Pizza, you’ll taste craft cocktails and several kinds of beers. Let your attention focus on the infused vodka, which is a combination of alcohol with spices or fruits. That flavor is indescribable, you just have to experience it. If you get hungry after your round of drinks, then you should try their pizza, which is baked in a stone oven, and the taste is equally as good as that of the Italian specialties.

Every week at Klar Cocktail there are the so-called “Weekly Deals”. From Monday until Thursday – after buying a pizza or Aperol spritz, you’ll get an aperitivo at a discount. On Fridays, a guaranteed, special price on the fries – “It’s FRYDAY then”. And on “Bubble Sunday” you can count on a discounted bottle of sparkling wine.

ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 41, Old Town

Panorama Sky Bar

Did you dream of getting a drink with your friends on the 40th floor of one of the most popular Warsaw hotels? Or maybe you were thinking of organizing a date in this extraordinary place? You can make those wishes true and visit Panorama Sky Bar.

At Panorama Sky Bar you’ll taste cocktails such as Pink Flamingo or Coco Panda and it will be a feast for all your senses, on the highest level – literally and figuratively. The selection of wines prepared by professional sommeliers won’t leave you bored if you fancy wine ambrosia. There’s no shortage of strong spirits either – vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and the classic, yet selected, beer. From 1 PM until 4 PM, you can order something to nibble on as well. On the menu, you’ll find a variation of exceptional dishes, both sweet and savory. Tempura prawns in Oriental hoisin sauce, duck bao, wakame salad, avocado with granny smith apples with sesame and ginger yuzu gel. These dishes surprise with their refinery, just as much as the drinks do. You have to try their meringue with blackberry, lavender, and cotton candy. I don’t think you need an explanation for this one…

Panorama Sky Bar will raise you to new heights, both with its best cocktails in Warsaw, and with its high-quality cuisine, and we’re not even going to mention the spectacular views.

al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 , Śródmieście

Cocktail bars in Warsaw – world class combined with Polish hospitality

A cocktail bar in Warsaw is not only quality or a stylish place, it’s a distinguished combination of the best spirits, history, and legendary Polish hospitality. Although the choice can be a bit overwhelming, it’s worth it to let yourself go every once in a while and feel Warsaw’s vibe.