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Residents of Warsaw and visitors from other places love shopping malls. Warsaw, as a pulsating center of trade and culture, offers countless possibilities in this field. It’s not just an opportunity for shopping, but also access to banks, post offices, hair salons, laundries, or travel agencies. Moreover, malls provide entertainment such as cinemas, sports facilities, and a diverse gastronomic offer. In a good shopping center in Warsaw, you can take care of many things and spend an interesting time.

Last updated: January 30, 2024



While the capital is full of landmarks, museums, exhibitions, and other interesting places, it is the shopping malls that attract crowds. Warsaw boasts dozens of shopping centers with many shops and service points. Shopping malls in Warsaw are dynamically changing, undergoing numerous reconstructions, expansions, and the emergence of new stores, restaurants, and attractions. Some of these shopping centers are true architectural masterpieces, providing unique experiences in their beautiful, sometimes luxurious interiors.

Shopping malls in Warsaw – your guide

Every day, thousands of people pass through shopping centers in Warsaw. It’s a place where you can satisfy not only your shopping needs but also establish social contacts. Shopping malls are also meeting places with interesting people, sometimes even celebrities. After all, everyone likes to go shopping. Nowadays, young people willingly spend time in the labyrinths of shopping malls, and even the youngest ones love this place, especially when special events and activities are organized for them. Head out for successful shopping in the best shopping malls in Warsaw!






Złote Tarasy

Shopping malls in Warsaw - Zlote Tarasy
Złote Tarasy – an iconic shopping mall in Warsaw. Go shopping in style!

An extremely popular shopping mall in Warsaw. Since 2007, Złote Tarasy has been captivating both residents and guests. It attracts up to 21 million customers annually, thanks to its excellent location in the city center, right next to the Palace of Culture and Science and Warsaw Central Station. The mall is also distinguished by its original architecture.

Inside Złote Tarasy, you’ll find several floors of shopping with 200 stores, 40 restaurants and cafes, and a multi-screen cinema spanning three levels. This is where you can find both popular brands and unique ones in the Polish market, such as Victoria’s Secret or Candy POP, offering a wide range of sweets from around the world. Złote Tarasy also houses luxury boutiques with designer clothes and more affordable chains like H&M. This place is a must-visit!

ul. Złota 59, Śródmieście

Westfield Arkadia

Shopping malls in Warsaw - westfield
The largest shopping center in Warsaw – Westfield Arkadia – top-notch shopping and entertainment

A gigantic shopping mall located in the center of Warsaw – Westfield Arkadia. It features 207 stores representing various industries, including the Leroy Merlin building supply store and the Carrefour grocery store. Fans of high-quality brands can visit salons such as La Mania, BOOS, or Victoria’s Secret. For fashion enthusiasts, there are also stylist and interior designer services.

After shopping, over 30 gastronomic points await you, including popular fast-food chains, but also healthy smoothies at Smooth The Fruit. Westfield Arkadia also offers attractions such as the Fikołki playroom, Zdrofit fitness club, Cinema City, and much more for people of all ages. On Monday evenings, there is an opportunity to enjoy quiet hours, which is a convenience for people with autism spectrum disorder.

al. Jana Pawła II 82, Śródmieście

Westfield Mokotów

The Westfield Mokotów complex is one of the most modern shopping centers in Warsaw. Located near the metro station, it has undergone several transformations since 2000, offering a diverse selection in 228 shops and service points. Westfield Mokotów boasts the largest Zara store in Poland and exclusive cosmetic brands.

In addition to shopping, Westfield Mokotów offers many attractions, such as Cinema City, Zdrofit fitness club, and numerous gastronomic points. The gallery also houses an IKEA planning and ordering studio, and the building’s roof serves as a garden from spring to autumn. Westfield Mokotów is a lively place where you can make great purchases and find excellent entertainment.

ul. Wołoska 12, Mokotów





Blue City

Blue City is a fourth-generation shopping center with 32,000 m2 of B+ class offices. Located near Warsaw West Station, it offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, and attractions. The building’s characteristic elements include a glass dome above the atrium and a multimedia fountain on level -1.

Blue City is not just a shopping destination but also a space for traditional regional markets and art fairs. In Blue City, you’ll find stores with clothing, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, and home accessories. For entertainment lovers, there is a Helios cinema, Pokoje Zagadek Team Exit, and TEPfactor concept. Like most shopping malls in Warsaw, Blue City provides excellent entertainment for its customers.

Al. Jerozolimskie 179, Ochota

Wola Park

Wola Park shopping mall, located on the grounds of the former Ulrych Horticultural Works, offers not only shopping but also contact with nature. The revitalized Ulrich Park nearby has a volleyball and basketball court and a winter ice rink. This shopping center in Warsaw is easily accessible by public transport.

Wola Park awaits you with over 200 shops, including the Leroy Merlin building supply store and the two-story Auchan hypermarket. The gallery is also a place where you’ll find both classic clothing and the latest trends, as well as exclusive cosmetic brands. Additionally, the gallery offers Cinema City, Zdrofit fitness club, a playroom for children, and space for concerts and events.

ul. Górczewska 124, Wola

Galeria Młociny

One of the most modern shopping malls in Warsaw, Galeria Młociny, opened in 2019, is located in the Bielany district. Connected to the large Młociny interchange, it allows easy access by public transport. Next to it is the Młociny interchange.

Galeria Młociny is not just a shopping destination but also an entertainment and gastronomic center. It offers a multiplex cinema with reclining seats, Zdrofit fitness club, MK Bowling, the Workshop Music Academy, Teatr WAM, and many other attractions. The gastronomic offer is very rich, including American, Italian, and vegan cuisine, among others. No one will leave here hungry. You’ll also find various shops and service points, creating a comprehensive space for everyone.

ul. Zgrupowania AK Kampinos 15, Bielany

Galeria Północna

A relatively new shopping mall in Warsaw, Galeria Północna, from 2017, is a fourth-generation facility distinguished by an elegant building and unique roof arrangement. Located in Białołęka, the gallery attracts smaller crowds due to its location. In the middle of the shopping mall, attention is drawn to the 20-meter sculpture “Wir” by Oskar Zięta – the tallest steel sculpture in Poland.

In Galeria Północna, over 200 stores await you, offering products in various price ranges. The gallery is a place where you’ll find both luxury brands and popular chains. The facility also offers Cinema City, Zdrofit fitness club, a children’s play area, and a mini rope park. Various thematic actions and events are organized, making Galeria Północna not only a shopping destination but also an attractive space for families.

ul. Światowida 17, Białołęka

Galeria Wileńska

Galeria Wileńska is a unique combination of a restored railway station with a shopping center and office building. Integrated with the Warsaw Wileńska railway station, the gallery offers convenient transportation connections to various parts of the city. Since 2002, the gallery has attracted residents of Praga and beyond.

Galeria Wileńska offers about 90 different shops and service points, including Carrefour hypermarket and brands such as RTV Euro AGD, Gudi, Empik, Sephora, and Reserved. The facility offers an Entertainment Zone for families with arcade games. Galeria Wileńska is a place where modernity meets a touch of history, creating a pleasant environment for both shopping and spending time with family or friends. Remember that if you want to watch a movie, you’ll have to go to another shopping center in Warsaw because you won’t find it in Galeria Wileńska.

ul. Targowa 72, Praga Północ

Atrium Targówek

One of the oldest shopping malls in Warsaw, Atrium Targówek, existing for a quarter-century, remains a popular place on the capital’s shopping route. After various modernizations and expansions, the gallery offers a wealth of shops from various industries. If you plan to visit this shopping mall in Warsaw, be prepared for a considerable marathon. The center is truly extensive, fortunately, along the way, you can take a break as there are plenty of places to sit and rest.

Atrium Targówek is a place where you’ll find shops from trendy salons like Zara or Stradivarius to electronics and home goods stores. The offer also includes popular grocery brands such as Dealz and Pepco, as well as a large Carrefour. The gallery also offers various events and attractions for the youngest, including an Entertainment Zone with arcade games and skill games, Zdrofit gym, and a 12-screen Multikino.

ul. Głębocka 15, Targówek

Atrium Reduta

Similar to Atrium Targówek, Atrium Reduta belongs to G City Europe. Located near Aleje Jerozolimskie, close to Blue City, the gallery attracts those who appreciate quieter shopping. It offers a full range of products in over 100 stores, including Carrefour, fashion salons, and the classics of shopping centers, such as McDonald’s or KFC.

Atrium Reduta is a place where you can relax during shopping, use the CityFit fitness club, or watch a movie in the 6-screen Multikino. The gastronomic zone is an additional advantage of the gallery, with the traditional milk bar Mleczarnia & Vegan Milk Bar. The place offers Polish cuisine at affordable prices, including dumplings, cutlets, salads, and soups. Atrium Reduta is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy shopping in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Al. Jerozolimskie 148, Ochota

Sadyba Best Mall

Although competition in Warsaw is growing, Sadyba Best Mall maintains its position as one of the attractive shopping places. It offers not only a variety of shops but also unique attractions, such as the 3D IMAX cinema hall in Cinema City.

Sadyba Best Mall is a place where you’ll find about 100 shops and service points, including Carrefour, Rossmann, Sephora, Rituals, and H&M. The facility also offers the Ado-Art art gallery with interesting works by Polish artists and various gastronomic options, from sushi restaurants to cafes and confectioneries. Food lovers truly have a lot to choose from. The 3D IMAX Cinema City cinema hall is one of the biggest attractions, providing movie enthusiasts with unforgettable film experiences. Sadyba Best Mall is a place where shopping combines with entertainment and culinary experiences.

ul. Powsińska 31, Mokotów                      

Elektrownia Powiśle

Elektrownia Powiśle is a unique shopping and service complex that emerged in 2020 after the revitalization of a historic power plant building. It offers not only standard shopping but also unusual and exclusive salons, such as the second-hand store Chosen By, Paprocki & Brzozowski, or the tailor-made suit salon Kraviec. Daily shopping can be done at Biedronka.

Elektrownia Powiśle stands out with a culinary offer, including cuisine from all corners of the world. The food hall is a place where everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of taste preferences. The complex also offers a beauty zone and space for organizing various events. Elektrownia Powiśle is not just a shopping place but also a place where architecture and commercial offer create a unique urban environment.

ul. Dobra 42, Śródmieście

Plan your shopping trip to the most attractive shopping malls in Warsaw

Regardless of whether you’re after quick shopping, planning a movie night, a fitness activity, a romantic dinner, or searching for the perfect gift, the capital is full of excellent shopping malls. Warsaw is a true shopping kingdom, so don’t waste time and don’t miss out on exceptional opportunities.