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Warsaw is the administrative, political and financial capital of Poland. The city is also the cultural, media, political and economic center of Poland. Warsaw is known primarily for its beautiful architecture and is also one of the greenest capitals in Europe.

The city is perfectly connected with other countries, depending on the location, distance and preferences, you can use any available means of transport, plane, car, bus or train.

Thanks to two international airports, Warsaw is connected to 65 countries and over 120 cities. The time to get from Warsaw to large European cities does not exceed 2.5 hours, and domestic flights take less than an hour. It is very convenient that the airport, named after Frédérique Chopin, is located just 15 minutes by car from the city center, where you will immediately feel the bustle and wonderful atmosphere of the city.

To sum up, there is always a way to get to Warsaw.

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