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We all desire to maintain a beautiful and youthful appearance, a dream fulfilled for years by aesthetic medicine. Warsaw is rich in offices and aesthetic medicine clinics offering a variety of treatments. Many of them involve minimally invasive procedures, characterized by quick results and minimal impact on daily life. Examples include the widely loved botox or hyaluronic acid, used, among other things, for lip enhancement.

Last updated: January 22, 2024



Health encompasses both mental and physical well-being. Living with an unacceptable aesthetic flaw can negatively impact health. In such cases, aesthetic medicine becomes an invaluable ally, striving to ensure a high quality of life, full of activity, and in good condition.

You can eliminate unwanted scars, stretch marks, improve the condition of dilated vessels, fight discoloration, eliminate cellulite, thicken hair, benefit from laser hair removal, or simply regain a youthful look. Warsaw’s aesthetic medicine clinics offer a range of innovative treatments, such as laser therapies, botox, fillers, HIFU, lifting threads, or even vampire lifting, allowing everyone to create their best version.

Aesthetic medicine in Warsaw – your guide to the best clinics

Beauty is not always a matter of good genes. The growing interest in aesthetic medicine treatments among Warsaw residents is not surprising, given the societal pressure associated with living in the capital. Numerous aesthetic medicine clinics in Warsaw cater to the beauty expectations of its residents, helping them meet the standards of beauty. We will guide you to the best aesthetic medicine clinics in Warsaw, where you can safely entrust yourself to experienced professionals.







Wellclinic is not only a dynamically growing company but also a place dedicated to comprehensive support for patients in eliminating their aesthetic flaws. Founded and led by the widely respected figure in the bodybuilding community, Krzysztof Reinnhard, Wellclinic has opened its second branch in Gdansk.

Modern and exclusive aesthetics, a team of competent doctors and specialists, a friendly atmosphere, and numerous satisfied faces of patients every month – all contribute to the character of Wellclinic. The clinic offers a full range of aesthetic medicine procedures, using the latest hi-tech equipment of the highest quality, ensuring not only fast but also lasting effects while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Among various treatments, it is worth noting the innovative cellulite reduction technology, effective and requiring minimal repetition. It uses a combination of radio and acoustic waves. If you dream of a lush mane, Wellclinic offers an effective combined therapy (mesotherapy and laser). Unlike traditional hair transplants, this method is non-invasive, and the results achieved can be not only better but also natural, with a smooth recovery.

ul. Kolejowa 49a/U9, Wola

Spire Clinic

Spire Clinic is an innovative aesthetic medicine facility in Warsaw, occupying an impressive space. Inside, many experienced beauty industry specialists are ready to engage in improving your appearance, well-being, and self-confidence.

Spire Clinic boasts an impressive amount of top-notch equipment, making a remarkable impression. At the same time, the clinic constantly introduces innovative technologies. An example is the recently implemented Again Deka laser, ultra-powerful and ultra-fast, perfect for permanent hair removal of all hair types, regardless of skin phototype. Importantly for individuals with sensitive skin, this procedure is not particularly painful but even soothing.

The exceptional treatment packages at Spire Clinic deserve attention, combining various techniques to achieve results revealed by the package name itself. In this clinic, you will find a wealth of several dozen top treatments, including vampire lifting, botox, Dermamelan (effective in treating discoloration), lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, cryolipolysis, or the recently popular Nucleofil (tissue stimulator). Spire Clinic also succeeds in non-surgical lifting using HIFU, providing dense, firm, and taut skin, ideal for reducing double chins. A safe cosmetology consultation will help you choose the right therapy.

ul. Siedmiogrodzka 1/U13, Wola
Aesthetic Medicine in Warsaw
Aesthetic medicine in Warsaw offers a wide range of top treatments

La Guèl Clinic & Spa

La Guèl Clinic & Spa is an authentic oasis of aesthetics, where you will not only reduce skin imperfections and enhance your beauty but also experience genuine relaxation under the care of qualified specialists. The clinic is designed with meticulous attention to detail, and the green surroundings add an additional touch, creating a harmonious connection with nature. La Guèl is a renowned aesthetic medicine facility in Warsaw, ensuring careful choices of cosmetic brands and using state-of-the-art hi-tech equipment.

In its extensive treatment menu, you will find effective solutions for various facial and body skin problems. The offer includes botox, lifting threads, facial volumetry, non-invasive lifting, mesotherapy, dermapen, medical peels, Geneo, laser hair removal, innovative endermology, and Storz shockwave therapy. The clinic also specializes in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, bruxism, and alopecia. La Guèl places particular emphasis on preventing skin aging and eliminating its visible signs. As part of the offer, you can undergo stem cell therapy, commonly known as vampire lifting.

ul. Pelikanów 10B, Ursynów





Sharley Medical Clinic & Day Spa

Magda Bogulak, the owner, explains that the clinic’s name comes from essential oil of nutmeg sage, which simultaneously calms and mobilizes the body. A visit to Sharley Medical Clinic promises relaxation and fantastic results from treatments that uplift. This place has gained recognition among celebrities and influencers, especially with the VIP visit option available upon the client’s special request, ensuring the highest level of privacy.

With over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry, an innovative approach, and a professional team, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of services. In Sharley Medical Clinic, you will find top-notch aesthetic medicine, including medical HIFU, premium packages with hyaluronic acid and botox, eliminating tired, sad, or menacing facial expressions, as well as lipolysis, lip augmentation, facial volumetry, platelet-rich plasma, tissue stimulators, and more. The clinic also performs surgical eyelid blepharoplasty and lipotransfer for complete rejuvenation of the eye area. The services also include a hairdresser, podiatrist, laser hair removal, eyelash and eyebrow styling, and relaxing spa treatments with a massage (jacuzzi and steam sauna available on-site). Additionally, you can undergo specialized genetic tests, based on which dieticians create personalized diets. Sharley also specializes in permanent makeup. The Piękna Street branch – Bogulak Permanent Make Up – offers the highest level of such services.

Jana Pawła II 75, Śródmieście
Piękna 52, Śródmieście

Saska Clinic Dr Radziejewska

At Saska Clinic Dr Radziejewska, you can benefit from professional advice in choosing the best method to enhance your beauty. This aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw stands out for its ability to offer customized solutions, rejecting unnecessary procedures, resulting in patient satisfaction and a naturally beautiful effect. The atmosphere is friendly, and patients feel fully cared for and secure.

Saska Clinic places a strong emphasis on preventing skin aging, minimizing defects, and achieving natural results. It offers innovative methods such as lipotransfer and treatments with platelet-rich plasma and HIFU. The clinic specializes in rejuvenating the look by correcting the “tear trough” with the best hyaluronic acid. Botox not only smoothes mimic wrinkles but also treats hyperhidrosis. An alternative is mesotherapy using biomimetic peptides. Saska Clinic also offers effective treatments for varicose veins, dilated vessels, and alopecia.

Dr. Iwona Radziejewska, ensuring the highest standards, guarantees professionalism at every stage, from medical interviews to carefully selected equipment and top-class products. She has gained the trust of patients and has been an aesthetic medicine expert in the media on multiple occasions.

ul. Saska 6a/4, Saska Kępa

Projekt Skóra

At Projekt Skóra clinic, an extraordinary reception awaits you from the moment you cross the threshold. This renowned dermatology and aesthetic medicine clinic in the center of Warsaw provides a comprehensive diagnosis through the modern ATBM Master Video Dermatoscope, enabling rapid mapping of moles. Projekt Skóra offers the removal of skin lesions as well as beautifying and rejuvenating treatments.

Among the rich offering of aesthetic medicine, you will find top-notch treatments and the highest quality, including the new-generation liquid botox, lip modeling, lifting threads, tissue stimulators, vampire lifting, lasers, HIFU, and shockwave therapy. Projekt Skóra also specializes in pre-event aesthetic treatments and offers permanent makeup, performed by the 2022 Polish Micro-pigmentation Champion in decorative micropigmentation. Projekt Skóra is also the place where you can undergo eyelid blepharoplasty, surgical removal of skin lesions, and laboratory blood tests and histopathological examinations.

Projekt Skóra meets the expectations of aesthetic treatments, combining precise diagnostics with modern methods, offering comprehensive care for the busy residents of Warsaw.

ul. św. Barbary 4/U2, Śródmieście

Aesthetic medicine in Warsaw guarantees the highest standard of services

Maintaining a youthful and attractive appearance is always in style. Leading aesthetic medicine clinics in Warsaw, with a professional team of specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, support your natural beauty, giving you confidence and motivation to achieve your goals.