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A sauna in Warsaw is a good idea. The capital has a lot to offer to the amateurs of “therapeutic fever”. Would you like to use the swimming pool after your sauna session, maybe you would rather be surrounded by calming nature, are you planning a small party with friends who also like getting sweaty? Saunas in Warsaw are usually part of bigger treatment centers, aqua parks, and spa hotels and resorts, but there are also places where saunas are the main attraction. Would you like to try a dry sauna (Finnish sauna), steam rooms (Turkish/Roman sauna), biosauna (Sanarium), infrared sauna, Russian Bania, or the currently highly popular Japanese stone sauna Ganbanyoku? We’ll tell you all about where to find the one you prefer in Warsaw.

Last updated: February 16, 2024



If you’re a beginner, let us give you a short overview of the proper way you should use saunas, which are: heating, cooling, and resting. This cycle is to be repeated 2-3 times. Of course, all the sauna spots have their own rules to follow for your and the other user’s safety and comfort.

It has been known for centuries that sauna sessions are beneficial for health and beauty: they boost your immunity and energy, improve sleep quality and mood, even out the complexion, make your skin more vibrant, and help reduce cellulite. As you can see, there are countless benefits of saunas, which is why you can find so many places with them in Warsaw.

Saunas in Warsaw we highly recommend – we promise, it will be hot in there

You’ll be surprised to discover how diverse the offer of sauna places in Warsaw is. Before you do go to a session, however, make sure to get acquainted with the contraindications and cultural manners in saunas. You should also remember that the only people allowed to set up the sauna are the staff.

If you want to sweat out your stress, burn some calories, and recharge your batteries, then take off your clothes, get a towel, and go to a sauna in Warsaw. Or maybe wait until you get there to take off your clothes because parading around in just a towel on the streets might be a bit creepy.






Sauna Wisła

Sitting in a sauna in Warsaw with a view of the Vistula River is something you can’t miss. Port Czerniakowski – peace without having to leave the city. Sauna Wisła was born using participatory budgeting, which is probably why its concept is top-notch. A sauna on a barge is an extraordinary idea. The phenomenon of this place is that you can escape the city’s hustle and bustle while remaining in the city center. This way, you’re saving up time while at the same time reconnecting with nature, which is so crucial to our well-being yet so hard to seize nowadays.

The Finnish sauna has a capacity of 8 people and can get really hot, up to 95 degrees Celsius. In the chill area, you can relax on a beach chair. You also have access to heated infrared chairs and a cold water tub. The friendly and professional staff will take care of your comfort. You’ll refill your liquids at the mini bar, where you’ll find vitamin shots, coffee, or tea. All this while gazing at the river’s fauna and flora. Add some ambient music, and you have a perfect mindfulness space. The magical early mornings and cozy evenings there are the best.

A great option to choose from is the possibility of arranging a small social gathering. It’s an original idea to celebrate a birthday. Apart from that, you can always stop by for ice swimming or free entry on Wednesdays with poetry reading. If you’re a cycling fan, you’ll be delighted to see bike stands, but parking a car nearby isn’t a big issue either. Even though this place isn’t perfect – the shower water is cold, and there isn’t enough changing space – we believe its perks and unique ambiance will make you want to come. If you like sauna sessions surrounded by nature, then Sauna Wisła is made for you.

ul. Czerniakowska 136, Śródmieście

Saunas at the Studio Sante Uzdrowisko Miejskie

Spire Clinic is a significant player in the beauty industry in the capital. With an impressive space of 650 m2, an almost 30-member team of specialists, and state-of-the-art equipment, the clinic is constantly introducing world premieres in technology, including laser hair removal. One of the novelties is the Again Deka laser, an ultra-fast and ultra-powerful device that allows for the removal of all types of hair, including light and thin, for every skin phototype. On the other hand, Thunder MT can be used even on individuals with very dark skin. The laser depilation arsenal also includes GentleMax Pro Plus, Cutera Excel HR, GentleLase PRO, Deka Motus AX, and Palomar Vectus.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to figure out which laser to choose at Spire Clinic. During consultations, professionals will tailor the best option for you. You also don’t have to fear pain. Efficient cooling systems help minimize discomfort and sometimes even make the procedure relaxing.

In addition to laser hair removal, Spire Clinic offers its clients dozens of top aesthetic medicine treatments, including combinations of several techniques in proprietary packages whose names reveal their effects. You can choose ‘Brazilian Buttocks,’ ‘Flat Stomach,’ or ‘Sculpted Abdomen.’ Spire Clinic is a place for all ladies and gentlemen aiming for effective laser hair removal, a beautiful appearance, and the accompanying well-being and self-confidence.

ul. Jagiellońska 55, Praga Północ
Sauna in Warsaw
Sauna in Warsaw is a recipe for health and total chillout

Saunas at the Warszawianka Water Park

The Warszawianka Water Park, located in Mokotów next to the Sports Club Warszawianka, is a popular sports and recreation center with an Olympic pool. It doesn’t come as a surprise that their sauna area is big, and though it is a bit aged, it’s still very functional. Apart from Finnish and Turkish saunas, at Warszawianka Water Park you’ll find a 9-person mud tub where you can wash off the mud with rain that falls from the ceiling. Fans of milder conditions will find their sweet spot at the bio sauna – 60 degrees Celsius, 40% humidity, natural essential oils, and color therapy is happiness for the body and soul. The temperature is even lower in the Caldarium, where the hum of the ball and the lights on the ceiling invite you to a meditative state.

As one of not many places in Poland, Wodny Park Warszawianka prides itself in its Bania, which is a Russian form of sauna that, in the traditional version, is often found near a river or lake and looks like a small wooden house in the form of a barrel. Russian Bania sessions are a great way to detox, strengthen your immunity and benefit the heart and circulatory system. An additional option is a massage – beating with leafy branches. Every evening at the Finnish sauna and banya, there are sauna rituals with a sauna master. You can also cool off in an ice well and snow cave.

Wodny Park Warszawianka has been attracting crowds for years. Coeducational changing rooms are convenient for families with kids but probably not for everyone. Remember that kids and teens below 18 are only allowed in the sauna if accompanied by an adult.

ul. Dominika Merliniego 4, Mokotów





Saunas at the Klub Łaźnia

Klub Łaźnia offers a cozier ambiance than the big resorts. Here, a combination of a homey atmosphere with the high culture of sauna can be felt. You don’t need modern luxuries to relax. Even the crocodile crawling on the wall won’t bother you – just kidding, that’s a painted crocodile.

Apart from the classic Finnish sauna and Turkish bathhouse, at your disposal is also a Tylarium, where the conditions are milder and the therapeutic effect of colorful lighting and music enhances your relaxation. Meanwhile, in the inhalation cave, where the temperature is similar to the hottest days of the year in Poland, you can let yourself get carried away by aromatherapy that will stimulate your senses. After cooling off in the ice well, you’ll be awaited at the relaxation room that has beach chairs and a fridge full of various drinks. Aufguss (infusion ceremony) takes place regularly at the Klub Łaźnia. A small social gathering or business meeting will be successful here. Who knows, perhaps you’ll unexpectedly get genius ideas while sitting in the sauna. Relaxation and improvement of blood circulation clear a busy mind. Klub Łaźnia is not only a good sauna place in Warsaw. In here, you can also invest in a professional massage. A relaxed and blood-supplied body is perfect for that, while the massage itself becomes more effective. They also offer face and body treatments as well as manicures and pedicures.

In the sauna area ad Klub Łaźnia, you’ll chill out. There’s no time limit so you don’t have to rush. On Mondays, you’ll find cheaper tickets. If you want to glow up, you can buy the open booklet that allows you a month of entries anytime, so you can enjoy your biological renewal with no limits. A highlight of this place is its helpful staff, that will take care of you and give you all the information needed about the sauna.

ul. Puławska 119, Mokotów

Saunas at Fizjo4life

Fizjo4Life is a place created by people with a passion. Every day, the team of professional physiotherapists, movement therapists, and personal trainers puts lots of effort into helping its clients regain physical function, heal their injuries and pains, and learn how to move healthily. It’s not surprising that in a space with such a holistic approach to health, a sauna is to speed up the body’s regenerative process is available as well

There are two saunas, to be exact. The first is a classic Finnish sauna, where you’ll get rid of excessive tension and fatigue and take care of your body and mind. Fizjo4Life also offers sessions at an infrared sauna. They are an ideal alternative to those who, for health reasons, for example circulatory issues, cannot go into a classic sauna or those who don’t tolerate high temperatures well. The infrared sauna soothes symptoms of pain and inflammation, which is a perfect complement to the rehabilitation sessions, and its beneficial effect on the skin is an additional incentive.

The uniqueness of sauna sessions in Fizjo4Life lies in its incredibly intimate conditions. Few saunas in Warsaw are so intimate. You can book a whole sauna for yourself or a maximum of 4 people, for example, your closest friends. A great idea would be a date in a sauna, especially since you get to choose the music. In such a private ambiance, not only will you relax easier, but you can also, and should, enjoy it in the best way possible, which is naked. Naked sessions are more effective and give better results. Despite the small space, such comfortable conditions can make you feel free.

ul. Jagiellońska 4, Praga Północ

Saunas at the Skalar swimming pool

Numerous facilities belonging to the Sports and Recreation Centers of the capital city of Warsaw enable Warsaw residents to enjoy an active leisure time. Football fields, tennis courts, squash, gyms, fitness rooms, and swimming pools. The latter are often combined with a sauna zone. This is an ideal option for enthusiasts of the duo: pool plus sauna. As we know, Warsaw is not a cheap city, and using saunas in OSiR centers is a relatively budget-friendly option, even if you have to purchase a separate ticket for the sauna zone.

The advantage of the sauna zone at the Skalar OSiR swimming pool in the Ursus district is its diversity. Everyone will find a sauna suitable for themselves here. You have a total of seven saunas at your disposal. Among them are three dry saunas with a temperature of 90-110°C and air humidity of 5-15%. If you like a proper steam, a steam or herbal sauna with humidity reaching 100% will be suitable. For more delicate individuals or those with health contraindications, there is an infrared sauna with a pleasant temperature of 35-55°C. If you want to take care of your respiratory system, opt for a salt sauna. After sauna sessions, you can rub yourself with ice cubes produced in the icefall. There is also a ladle with icy water on the spot. After a successful sauna session, you can relax in a pleasant relaxation zone. Sauna sessions are also held on selected days of the week.

Taking into account the economic aspect and the good infrastructure of OSiR in the Ursus district, many people may consider choosing this sauna in Warsaw to be very apt.

ul. gen. Kazimierza Sosnkowskiego 3, Ursus

Let the saunas in Warsaw wrap you in their regenerative warmth

The health effects of saunas have been known to us for centuries, and modern Warsaw keeps the tradition alive. Finnish sauna or steam rooms are the usual choice for locals looking for restoration and relaxation. Whether you like small, cozy spaces or big resorts with additional attractions, you will, without a doubt, find your favorite sauna in Warsaw that you’ll want to keep coming back to.