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A professional barber in Warsaw offers not only perfect haircuts, beard grooming, beard coloring, straight razor shaving, or massages. The best barbershops in the capital also create an equally important, truly masculine atmosphere.

Last updated: February 12, 2024



Most renowned barber salons are marked with a symbol in the form of a tricolor rotating pole. Red symbolizes the tradition of bloodletting, white is the bandage, and blue is a remnant of the past when barbers also performed simple surgical procedures.

A modern barbershop is a place exclusively for men, where you can count on top-notch services. Beard contouring, straight razor shaving, grooming, or hair removal – these are just some of the services provided by barbers in Warsaw.

Discover excellent salons where you will meet the best barbers in Warsaw

Atmospheric interior, comfortable chairs, professional staff who not only care about your hair but also can engage in friendly conversation with you, are just some of the things you can experience there. And in the end, you will feel confident and ready to conquer the world. We present to you salons that employ the best barbers in Warsaw, places where your hair and beard will be in the hands of true experts.






Chill Out Barber

At Chill Out Barber in Warsaw, enthusiasts of good haircuts have at their disposal a team of outstanding barbers, equipped with high-quality tools needed to create perfect beard and hair styles. Here you will not only get a perfectly tailored haircut, precise beard and mustache modeling, or royal straight razor shaving, but you can also immerse yourself in complete relaxation with facial and body spa treatments. Peeling, mask, and even classic or sports body massage will provide you with comprehensive care.

Upon entering Chill Out Barber, you will discover an elegant interior and feel like a true gentleman, and when you leave the salon, you will look equally stylish. This barber salon in Warsaw is open seven days a week, from morning until late evening, allowing you to schedule your visit even in the busiest schedule. The name fully reflects the character of the place; in a special chill room, you can fully relax with good coffee or an alcoholic beverage, all accompanied by pleasant background music.

ul. Żurawia 24, Śródmieście


Ferajna is one of the most distinctive barbershops in Warsaw. The interior of this establishment, which can be described as resembling more of a workshop than a typical salon, is an authentic, colorful space, devoid of artificiality. Nine professional stations are manned by barbers with exceptional personalities and, of course, skills. You can experience their craftsmanship, dedication, and artistic sense firsthand if you decide to visit Ferajna. In this masculine environment, you can count on a glass of whiskey or beer to make you feel even more comfortable.

The service offering at Ferajna is simple and clear. Among the proposals, you will find, among others, “Dandys”, “Smooth as a baby’s bottom”, “Bald with a beard”, and all the classic barbering treatments. If you dream of a masculine tattoo perfectly complementing your hairstyle, Ferajna will pleasantly surprise you, as it collaborates with true masters of this craft. Additionally, training for aspiring barbers is organized here. Reservations can now be made through Booksy. Previously, customers were willing to wait in a long queue on the street to use Ferajna’s services.

ul. gen. Władysława Andersa 6, Śródmieście
A visit to the barber in Warsaw means relaxation, and masterful hair, and beard styling


The symbolic image of a bearded Viking in the Barberian logo indicates the character of this place. Additionally, when you learn that the founder is Adam Darski, known as Nergal, the charismatic frontman of the legendary Behemoth band, you can be sure that something special awaits you.

Barberian is an extraordinary space for men, offering high-quality services and the opportunity to enjoy good coffee, craft beer, or other beverages. The salon offers all kinds of men’s hairstyles, including iconic, timeless classics and excellent beard styling. Regardless of your style, the barbers at Barberian will choose the perfect look for you. If you are bold and ready for change, you can opt for nose and ear hair removal, which Barberian performs quickly using specialized wax. After these experiences, you can relax with a warm towel on your face in a casual and friendly atmosphere. This barbershop in Warsaw operates at full capacity throughout the week, and the excellent styling of facial hair and hair is the result of over a decade of experience in the industry and the skills of local barbers.

ul. Emilii Plater 25, Śródmieście





Barberyk Barber Shop

In the heart of Bemowo, there is a place that every man who cares about his appearance should visit, seeking excellent beard and hair styling performed with the utmost care. Barberyk Barber Shop offers full equipment: classic interior, traditional chairs, comfortable sofa, and a wide selection of drinks from tea to stronger spirits, all in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Here, the client is always the most important.

This is a place where men can count on a wide range of services, starting from the traditional hair and beard service (combo), through professional beard trimming, to beard coloring or straight razor shaving, with a relaxing compress at the end. In addition, besides nose and ear hair removal, you can also have your eyebrows shaped. For those who want to take care of every detail of their appearance, there is also a men’s manicure available. Barberyk Barber Shop is a space available for men of all ages. Experience a masculine adventure with your son and take advantage of the father plus son option. An additional advantage is that the salon is open even on Sundays, and the prices are attractive.

ul. gen. Ludwika Ludomiła Rayskiego 11/U6, Bemowo

Little Havana Barbershop

If you’re looking for a change without leaving the capital, Little Havana Barbershop invites you on a Cuban escapade. It is a place distinguished by extraordinary energy and a smile that infects its customers. You will feel incredible joy when you see your refreshed reflection in the mirror after a bold haircut.

In contrast to many other barbershops in Warsaw, where there is a strict and sometimes gloomy atmosphere, Little Havana offers an exotic alternative with a Cuban climate, greenery, and a pink flamingo in the logo. On the menu, you will find classics such as men’s haircuts, beard trims, as well as a combination of both, royal straight razor shaves, beard and hair coloring. After the treatments, you can relax with a hot towel and aromatic Cuban coffee. Additionally, Little Havana offers hair care and styling products from the Reuzel brand, as well as valuable advice from dedicated barbers. If you want your visit to the hairdresser to be not only a duty but also a real pleasure and an escape from everyday life, choose an adventure at Little Havana Barbershop.

ul. Marii Rodziewiczówny 1/U7, Praga Południe

The Sadovsky Barbershop

The history of The Sadovsky Barbershop began in 2019 when Alex Sadovsky opened his first salon in Rzeszów. Currently, the network also includes locations in Bydgoszcz and three barbershops in Warsaw. Their distinctive feature is undoubtedly the unique atmosphere. The interiors exude elegance, wooden elements add coziness, and Marvel characters on the walls give it a unique character. Surprisingly, this unconventional combination creates a coherent whole that encourages returns, especially since you can enjoy PlayStation, sweets, good coffee, and even alcohol here. What’s more, you can even watch the broadcast of an important match in the company of other fans.

However, The Sadovsky Barbershop is primarily about expert services provided by exceptional barbers who pay attention to every detail, striving for your styling to be perfect. Additionally, they share their knowledge and experience by training future masters of barbering as part of their own Academy. In addition to standard services such as men’s haircuts, beard trimming, or classic combo, at The Sadovsky Barbershop, you can also use wax hair removal, refreshing face peeling, or straight razor shaving using a steamer, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. In summary – you will feel like a king here.

ul. Grójecka 59, Ochota
ul. Poznańska 23/33, Śródmieście
ul. Francuska 49/Ł6, Saska Kępa

Plan your visit to the best barber in Warsaw now

Whether you prefer a classic haircut or are looking for a bold, modern beard and hair styling – professional barbers in Warsaw will take care of your comfort and satisfaction. In addition to excellent men’s haircuts, traditional straight razor shaving, or perfect beard grooming, you will also receive a well-deserved relaxation.