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Beauty salons in Warsaw form a significant beauty map of the capital. All these places share one common goal: to provide you with a beautiful appearance and the associated sense of well-being and confidence, which are so important in bustling city life. The days when only basic services were offered are long gone. Now you have a truly wide selection of treatments, such as powder henna, hydrogen cleansing, hybrid manicure, Japanese manicure, eyelash lamination, microdermabrasion, or permanent makeup.

Last updated: January 21, 2024



Today’s beauty salons are equipped with modern equipment, professional products, and extensive knowledge, allowing them to achieve excellent results. They can transform practically any woman into a true beauty. Gentlemen are also welcome. However, to fulfill the dream of smooth skin, perfect permanent makeup, and excellent hybrid manicure, you need to choose the right beauty salon in Warsaw.

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Comfort and above all safety are important in a beauty salon. In the market of beauty and aesthetic medicine services, there is still a legal gap, which is why it is essential to visit a good and reputable beauty salon. We present the best beauty salons in Warsaw, where you will not only take care of your appearance but also relax, spend a pleasant time, and gain strength for action.







Yasumi is a renowned chain of beauty salons in Poland, with over 120 branches, also beyond the country’s borders. For over two decades, this Polish brand, inspired by Japanese culture, has been offering comprehensive care based on unique products. By choosing one of Yasumi’s salons, you can be sure to receive top-quality services. In the capital, there are several Yasumi salons. In the rich offer of face and body treatments, every client will find a solution that meets their needs and skin problems.

Qualified staff members use the latest equipment, including HIFU technology, providing effective skin lifting without the need for surgical intervention. Additionally, the treatment offer includes laser hair removal, mesotherapy, or chemical peels. In most Yasumi branches in the capital, traditional services such as Japanese manicure, pedicure, and henna are also available. However, what distinguishes Yasumi is its rich offer of spa treatments, including relaxing massages and rituals inspired by Japanese culture. In these beauty salons in Warsaw, you can count on unique relaxation and care experiences.

al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 83/14, Ursynów
ul. Domaniewska 39B, Mokotów
ul. Żegańska 2a/lok.9, Wawer
ul. Starodęby 10/lok. U8, Ursus
ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 45, Śródmieście
ul. Czarodzieja 16 , Białołęka
ul. Marii Rodziewiczówny 1/u12, Praga Południe
ul. Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego 44/u10 , Praga Południe


In the heart of Warsaw, in a carefully restored tenement house, there is an extraordinary interior full of contrasts, impressive paintings, sculptures, and neon lights. Larte resembles more an art gallery than a standard beauty salon in Warsaw. Here, beauty services become real works of art that can be proudly displayed on your body.

Larte is a place where each client is treated individually, served by a team of enthusiasts with an artistic flair. Perfect hybrid manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading, eyelash styling, and popular laminations or other cosmetic treatments are performed here with the utmost precision. Permanent makeup and makeup for various occasions are also top-notch here. Art goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology in Larte, offering treatments such as Virtue RF micro-needle radiofrequency, lip and chin modeling with hyaluronic acid, or laser hair removal. Additionally, the salon offers various facial care treatments. Larte also doesn’t forget about gentlemen, offering them dedicated services.

ul. Poznańska 16, Śródmieście
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Treat yourself to a bit of luxury and relax in a beauty salon in Warsaw

Ostrobramska Beauty Clinic

Just the interior of the salon, elegant and stylish, and perfect cleanliness announce the high quality of services, which reality confirms. It is a place where you can comprehensively take care of your appearance while relaxing and improving your mood.

At Ostrobramska Beauty Clinic, you can confidently trust experienced hairdressers, and if you consider aesthetic medicine treatments, a qualified doctor will take care of you. Botox, fillers, lifting threads, effective removal of discoloration, scars, and stretch marks, or therapies for hair loss – all this is done here safely and professionally. Ostrobramska Beauty Clinic is equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, such as Contour Sculpt, which sculpts the silhouette and reduces fat tissue, or Storz shockwave, effective in fighting cellulite. Additionally, the salon offers a wide range of classic cosmetic services, including facial and back cleansing, anti-aging, moisturizing and exfoliating treatments, depilation, eyebrow and eyelash styling, and many others. In short, you can have all possible cosmetic services done here while relaxing.

ul. Motorowa 10B, Praga Południe





EMS Studio Urody

EMS Studio Urody are two beauty salons in Warsaw. Its owner built her reputation by gaining experience in the United States, where she had the pleasure of serving famous clients. Nevertheless, EMS Studio Urody welcomes everyone with open arms and a friendly atmosphere. Specializing in comprehensive face and body care, the team offers a wide range of treatments using the latest technologies and high-quality products. You can count on, among others, carboxytherapy, oxygen infusion, mesotherapy, filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, and lip modeling. Fighting cellulite or sagging skin with advanced methods such as LPG Endermologie, injection lipolysis, or shockwave is EMS Studio’s specialty.

Additionally, you can take advantage of various treatment packages, which allows you to save some money. The offer also includes Light Sheer laser hair removal, traditional waxing, and henna. Passion for beauty and the desire to help eliminate any skin imperfections are the main values guiding the actions of EMS Studio Urody, which is constantly evolving to meet the expectations of its customers.

ul. Edwarda Dembowskiego 5, Ursynów
ul. Juliana Ursyna Niemcewicza 7/9, Ochota

Love Beauty Gabinety Kosmetyki Profesjonalnej

If you are inspired by beauty and want to celebrate it, be sure to visit Love Beauty. It is a cozy and intimate place where you can feel comfortable, relaxing in a safe atmosphere. At Love Beauty, individual customer approach and professional advice on home care are always valued. This beauty salon in Warsaw provides a rich palette of services. If you dream of shaping your silhouette, try treatments using Arosha bandages. If, on the other hand, you want to refresh your skin and get rid of cellulite, opt for pressotherapy. In the fight against wrinkles and other skin imperfections, Love Beauty uses proven methods such as oxygen infusion, oxyabrasion, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, plasma, carboxytherapy, laser, and chemical peels. You can also opt for the very popular Kobido massage.

If you dream of a beautiful tan but avoid exposure to the sun or solarium, take advantage of safe spray tanning in this cosmetic salon. Love Beauty also offers podiatric services and laser hair removal, waxing, and sugar paste, perfect for people with sensitive skin.

ul. Marii Rodziewiczówny 1/812, Praga Południe

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Excellent beauty salons in Warsaw provide clients with the latest equipment, highest quality products, and services performed by experienced specialists. Whether you want to reduce wrinkles, cleanse your skin, get a hybrid manicure, Japanese manicure, or permanent makeup, in Warsaw, you will find exceptional places run by the best experts in the industry.