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A dentist in Warsaw is sometimes a necessity. Fortunately, in the capital, you can rely on professionals of the highest caliber. The dental industry is thriving here, comparable to international metropolises. The best dental clinics in Warsaw prioritize comfortable and comprehensive patient care, utilizing the latest technology and the highest quality materials—all in the service of your smile.

Last updated: February 7, 2024



As studies show, nearly 40% of Warsaw residents feel stressed before a dentist appointment. Often, we come up with absurd excuses just to avoid the visit. Many unpleasant situations could be avoided if we regularly appeared for routine check-ups at the dental office, this is the appeal of any good dentist.

Warsaw boasts an excellent array of dental centers. On board are practitioners from all fields of dentistry, as well as dental hygienists and assistants, all working to provide patients with full care—from simple fillings to root canal treatment or treatment for bruxism, to permanent solutions like implants. Warsaw has true gems on the dental map. Proper treatment not only restores full comfort during eating and speaking but also the smiles of happy patients.

Looking for a good dentist in Warsaw? We’ll guide you to where you can find one.

The best dental clinics in Warsaw effectively dispel the myth of the sadistic dentist, unfortunately still present in our consciousness. Nowadays, dental procedures can be virtually painless. Many dentists in Warsaw offer treatments with sedation, and sometimes even under anesthesia. Even tooth extraction doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Dental tourism is also a known phenomenon, and our capital is often the destination for foreigners, mainly from Germany or the United Kingdom, seeking high-quality services at a lower cost than in their home countries.

Discover the best dental centers in Warsaw, where in a friendly atmosphere, you’ll rid yourself of all tooth-related problems and gain a beautiful smile.






Dental Fraternity

The Dental Fraternity is much more than just a good dentist. Warsaw has up to five facilities, and there’s a sixth one in nearby Garwolin. It’s a true star in the dental industry in the city. The vision of Dr. Jan Nikodem Perek, co-owner and medical director, to create conditions where the patient can count on a holistic approach, a sense of care, and safety has been fulfilled 100%. Each Dental Fraternity center consists of a whole team of doctors: orthodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, periodontists, surgeons, implantologists, specialists in aesthetic dentistry, and aesthetic medicine.

The first visit is an examination, necessary tests, but also attentive listening to your needs and expectations. Based on this, an optimal treatment plan for you is created, taking into account all the costs. The entire treatment process is coordinated by a patient advocate, whom you can contact anytime, day or night. Whether you want to whiten your teeth, remove wisdom teeth, get veneers, root canal treatment, or need implants, Warsaw, thanks to clinics like Dental Fraternity, provides its residents with comprehensive care at the highest global level. Here, even in the most extreme cases of tooth loss, with methods like All-on-4 or All-on-6, you can gain a new smile and a new life in just one day.

Their own prosthetic laboratory ensures the right quality, natural appearance, and efficient operation. Dental Fraternity also offers beautiful interiors, soothing music, and even pleasant scents. All this is to ensure that a visit to the dentist’s office, contrary to popular opinion, is a pleasant, even relaxing experience.

al. Jana Pawła II 26, Śródmieście
ul. Maurycego Mochnackiego 10, Ochota
ul. Senatorska 20, Śródmieście
ul. Wrocławska 21, Bemowo
ul. Zapłocie 21, Powsin
ul. Józefa Stachowskiego 1, Garwolin


in every industry, including dentistry, where clients naturally benefit. To satisfy all patients, OptimDent offers a full range of services, including conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, implantology, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontology, and aesthetic dentistry. All this to ensure that every patient can solve all dental problems in one place.

Dental hygienists here take care of proper prevention, mastering the art of teeth hygiene to perfection. With the same precision, the endodontist performs root canal treatment, always using a high-class microscope. If you decide on dental implants, you can be sure that they come from a renowned manufacturer. OptimDent employs the latest technologies and methods for the best results. On-site, you can undergo X-rays, including panoramic images and dental tomography.

The OptimDent team of specialists is an optimal blend of ambition, passion, and experience. Patients praise the very good communication with the doctors. All doubts are explained in detail and in an understandable way. For an even better understanding of the most complicated procedures, dentists use computer smile design, allowing for a digital visualization of proposed aesthetic and functional changes. The final result is a perfect smile line, tailored to individual anatomy, giving the entire face better proportions, a cheerful appearance, and an attention-grabbing glow. OptimDent is exceptional care for the health of patients, precision, and excellent aesthetic results that will make you smile really wide.

ul. Zabłocińska 10, Bielany
If you need to visit the dentist, Warsaw has many excellent clinics

Warsaw Dental Academy

Warsaw Dental Academy is a dental clinic tailor-made for individuals with dentophobia, i.e., fear of visiting the dentist. Here, you not only rebuild your teeth but also restore trust in this medical specialization. It’s a family-owned company focused on building a long-lasting relationship with the patient. The first dental check-up, incredibly thorough and meticulous, usually lasts 45-60 minutes. You can expect an individual approach, a detailed treatment plan with calculations, treatment options, and visualization of your new smile.

Every detail of the clinic’s decor is well thought out, with premium-quality equipment and materials. The cohesive team of professionals is well-versed in their work. The clinic has doctors from all dental specializations, providing patients with comprehensive care. Moreover, Warsaw Dental Academy offers dental physiotherapy, and if needed, even speech therapy and, of course, implants. Warsaw Dental Academy also embraces modern orthodontic techniques, such as Invisalign clear aligners—you wear and remove them as you wish. Aesthetics in dentistry goes hand in hand with aesthetic medicine here. It’s not just about lip fillers or smoothing wrinkles, but also correcting a “gummy smile” or treating bruxism.

Warsaw Dental Academy is driven by a passion for dentistry that only grows with time. They don’t rest on their laurels, staying abreast of every industry innovation. They also deserve respect for their commitment to charitable activities, including providing dental care for children from orphanages.

ul. Strąkowa 48, Bemowo






If you live in Bielany, the Warsaw dental clinic MP-Dental is the right choice. With nearby metro stations, you can easily reach it from other districts as well. For over 10 years, the facility has been caring for the healthy and beautiful smiles of its patients. The owners, Magdalena and Piotr Stec, prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their patients. In 2021, they expanded the clinic, giving it a new face and even better functionality. Patients happily return to MP-Dental, knowing that they can expect modern equipment, a pleasant family atmosphere, and, most importantly, the appropriate competence and skills possessed by every dentist working there. Warsaw has many dental offices, but only continuous qualification improvement of doctors ensures the best care for patients. That’s why the MP-Dental team participates in various specialized courses.

A very wide range of dental services solves every problem within the oral cavity and guarantees excellent aesthetic results. There’s a well-equipped radiological laboratory on-site, so you can handle everything in one place. Importantly, the prices are truly competitive, and if needed, you can use MediRat. In this dental center in Warsaw, in case of emergencies, patients can count on a quick appointment.

Patients praise the MP-Dental team’s approach to the youngest patients. It’s an excellent place to start the journey with dentistry and have a stress-free adaptation. Proper interaction with the child allows them to sit in the dental chair without fear, giving parents peace of mind. Moreover, MP-Dental is a suitable option for the whole family, for individuals of all ages.

al. Zjednoczenia 1, Bielany

Malo Clinic

Malo Clinic was founded in 1995 in Lisbon by the world-renowned dentist, Dr. Paulo Malo, who, along with his team, developed the revolutionary All-on-4 teeth reconstruction technique. Thanks to this technique, even patients who have lost all their teeth can regain full comfort and a beautiful smile. Malo Clinic has received numerous prestigious awards, published numerous scientific articles, and holds several patents. Therefore, it’s delightful that it has a branch in our capital, where specialized training for doctors is also conducted.

Dr. Armando Lopes, a world-renowned surgeon and implantologist, is the Medical Director of Malo Clinic in Warsaw. You will encounter an interdisciplinary team of recognized, experienced dentists who fear no case, even the most challenging ones, and can handle any “dental” problem. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of dental services, including aesthetic fillings, bruxism treatment, root canal treatment, orthodontics, and dental surgery, befitting its prestigious status. Malo Clinic provides a 5-year guarantee for dental implants, bridges, crowns, and final veneers, provided the patient adheres to the Malo Clinic Protocol.

Some individuals have become accustomed to the denture and tolerate it well. For others, it’s a torment that local doctors can end by using the All-on-4 technique. Importantly, the procedure is possible even in cases of significant bone loss. Special implants are used and anchored in the zygomatic bone. It’s a true masterpiece. In Malo Clinic, the priority is health and functionality, along with the best aesthetic result.

ul. Domaniewska 37, Mokotów

Best Dent

Best Dent is a dental clinic in Warsaw located in the heart of the picturesque Marina Mokotów neighborhood. For many years, patients of all ages, including children and seniors, have been able to count on an exceptionally friendly atmosphere, effective prevention, treatment, and care for the highest aesthetic standards for their teeth. Fillings, crowns, dental veneers, hygiene, root canal treatment under a microscope, dental implants, and other complex procedures—all your dental needs and those of your family will be fully satisfied here. You will always receive clear and comprehensive explanations. It’s also a modern and comfortable interior.

Best Dent emphasizes continuous development to ensure a high level of services for patients. The doctors constantly refine their skills, stay up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry, and participate in specialized courses organized by recognized experts not only in Poland. Best Dent is well-equipped with the latest technology, including digital imaging, intraoral scanner, digital smile design, and much more. The clinic uses top-notch materials and adheres to the highest ethical standards. There is also an excellent X-ray laboratory on-site. Orthodontic treatment with invisible bite correction aligners is a highlight. Physiotherapists specializing in dental rehabilitation also work on-site.

The convenient location of Best Dent, with direct access to Chopin Airport, is an additional advantage for Warsaw residents and international patients who come to Poland for “new teeth.”

ul. Przejazd 2, Mokotów

Now you know where the best dentist is. Warsaw is waiting for your wonderful and healthy smile.

Whether you need a simple filling, root canal treatment, dental implants, or tooth extraction schedule an appointment with a trusted dentist. Warsaw has many renowned dental clinics with fantastic specialists ready to take care of the health and beauty of your teeth.