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Your guide to authentic Greek cuisine in the city
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Mediterranean cuisine? Restaurants serving Greek food in Warsaw will transport you straight to sunny Hellas. You’ll discover the original taste of Greek specialties, based on healthy, fresh, and natural ingredients, surrounded by aromatic spices. Join us for a brief Greek vacation.

Last updated: February 6, 2024



Some culinary symbols of Greece, like feta cheese or tzatziki sauce, have been so popular in Poland for years that it might seem like they are our own discoveries. This belief partly contributes to the abundance of imitations. If you want to experience the authentic Greek taste, be sure to visit one of the trusted Greek restaurants in Warsaw.

Feel the authentic atmosphere of a restaurant serving Greek food in Warsaw

Greece from the kitchen is as fascinating as its monuments and picturesque views. Enthusiasts will find in our capital the flavors that will transport them to a Greek tavern. Warsaw can become one of the charming Greek islands for you, provided you choose the right place.

Traditional Greek cuisine is rich in vegetables, fish, and seafood. It is colorful, and above all, healthy. The iconic horiatiki, a Greek salad with feta, olives, and olive oil, classic moussaka with eggplant and minced meat, or the real Greek gyro, and for dessert, baklava. All of this accompanied by ouzo or other traditional drinks. Greeks are known for their long feasts with a richly set table. If you dream of a Greek-style meal, be sure to visit one of our recommended restaurants serving Greek food in Warsaw.






el Greco

El Greco restaurant is an undisputed pioneer of Greek cuisine in Warsaw. Harmoniously integrated into the landscape of Grzybowska Street, it has gained a legion of loyal guests, devoted fans of dishes prepared by an experienced chef. The large, lively venue is perfect for larger groups, and in the summer, you can also enjoy the charming garden. Simple, elegant interior design, live music, and a friendly atmosphere – that’s el Greco.

The restaurant’s menu is incredibly rich and entirely Greek. It offers a wide selection of main courses, hot and cold mezedes (appetizers), soups, desserts, salads, seafood, and fish. If you want to taste various Greek classics, choose one of the two chef’s sets, “Poseidon” or “Zeus,” each of which will successfully satisfy the hunger of two people. A perfect complement to the meal is Greek wine, although you can also choose wine from Portugal, Cyprus, or Italy, rum, metaxa, ouzo, or another drink from the extensive list. In this Greek tavern, you also have the opportunity to purchase original Greek food products. El Greco is a legendary Greek restaurant in Warsaw, a must-visit for fans of Mediterranean cuisine.

ul. Grzybowska 9, Śródmieście


Papapita is a restaurant serving Greek food in Warsaw, fascinating with its authentic tavern atmosphere and a casual, friendly atmosphere. It is both a restaurant and typical Greek street food. In the menu, you will find Greek dishes, mainly from the grill, such as souvlaki – skewers available with pork or chicken, grilled fish, kebab from the grill, as well as cheeses and salads, e.g., pantzaria with cooked beets, goat cheese, and walnuts.

Papapita is a tribute to Greek culinary tradition but also bold, innovative compositions. All dishes are based on authentic recipes, using products that are often imported directly from Greece. This guarantees intense flavor experiences. In the diverse menu, everyone will find something for themselves, both savory and sweet. The place is popular, so a table reservation during peak hours may be necessary. On warm days, it’s worth choosing a seat on the sunny terrace. Papapita is not only the taste of Greece but also a love for this country and genuine culinary passion.

ul. Radiowa 16/5, Bemowo
Feel the authentic taste of Hellas in one of the restaurants serving Greek food in Warsaw


The family-owned Greek tavern Santorini is an integral part of the gastronomic heritage of the Kręgliccy family, dedicated to hospitality and culinary passions for over thirty years. In addition to two Greek restaurants – Santorini and Meltemi, they also offer Italian cuisine in Chianti, Mexican flavors in El Popo, as well as modern Polish dishes in Opasły Tom and catering services.

In Santorini, the restaurateurs have successfully recreated the atmosphere of the Greek island of the same name. The famous blue and white houses on steep cliffs and magnificent views of the Aegean Sea are reflected in the elegant, yet colorful and joyful interior. Santorini evokes the best memories of Greek vacations, offering flagship Mediterranean dishes such as excellent octopus, grilled squid, or fried calamari, as well as classics like souvlaki skewers or moussaka. The meal can be perfectly complemented with a glass of traditional Greek drinks, such as ouzo. On selected days of the week, following Greek tradition, you can enjoy the music and dance of Zorba and plate smashing.

ul. Egipska 7, Praga Południe






Meltemi is another Greek masterpiece of Warsaw restaurateurs. Impeccable arrangement and original flavors provide guests with the feeling of an instant journey to sunny Greece. You will feel like in a Greek port thanks to the impressive collection of sailboat models. On weekends, Greek live music resounds here, along with Zorba’s dance, plate smashing, and general joy – a true Greek tavern in the full sense of the word.

It turns out that Meltemi is not only the name of a sunny summer wind in the Cyclades but also an excellent Greek restaurant in Warsaw. The menu offers both classics of Greek cuisine and unique, creative compositions by the Greek chef. Try haloumi tiganito – fried cheese with pita, tomatoes, and arugula, roasted lamb with feta, garlic shrimp with butter, or the well-regarded Dolmadakia appetizer, and for dessert, sweet Nirvana.

Meltemi restaurant is situated in an excellent location near Szczęśliwiecki Park with convenient parking. The spacious interior is perfect for all kinds of family celebrations or business meetings, which can be enriched with an authentic Greek feast.

ul. Opaczewska 43, Ochota

Taverna Patris

Taverna Patris is a place where Greek culinary passion meets warm hospitality. Recipes from Greek islands, passed down through generations, dating back even a few centuries, make this Greek restaurant in Warsaw truly unique. The menu is diverse. Historical recipes and dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients, such as pumpkin, plums, or asparagus. Unique flavors can be discovered in the Cypriot burger, saffron dumplings with cheese filling (Latzana), or Arni Lemonato – lamb stewed in lemons and olive oil according to an eighteenth-century recipe from the island of Syros.

The interior exudes a somewhat industrial character, but with distinct Greek accents. It’s not just a place where you’ll experience excellent Greek cuisine but also a space where the culture of this wonderful country is truly cherished. Guests praise the live Greek music. In addition, you can buy original Greek products here, such as wines, coffee, or olive oil. The rich selection of original drinks is an additional advantage of this Greek tavern.

ul. Grochowska 344, Praga Południe

Mr Greek Souvlaki

Passing through the blue doors of Mr. Greek Souvlaki is like entering a magical portal. Just one step across the threshold and Warsaw transforms into the sunny southern Europe, and you, as during holidays, immerse yourself in the traditional flavors of Greek cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is filled with authentic Greek decorations, creating a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Mr. Greek Souvlaki focuses mainly on Greek skewers, as suggested by the name itself. This classic Greek dish tastes delicious here. Skewers of pork or chicken served with pita, tzatziki sauce, and homemade fries, or skewers with cheese in a set with pita, fries, peppers, and aioli sauce, are a true Greek delight. In the Mr. Greek Souvlaki menu, you will also find other Greek delicacies, such as lamb-beef patties, briam (oven-baked vegetables), and from the starters, the tempting Mr. Greek Special with feta, eggplant, and olives. The feast is complete with delicious lemonade or Greek wine. Moreover, you can take a bit of Greece home with you if you decide to purchase the available original Greek products, including cheeses, olives, premium olive oil, coffee, or herbs.

ul. Londyńska 16, Praga Południe

Greek restaurants in Warsaw – your piece of Hellas

Now you know the places in the capital where you should try horiatiki, tzatziki, or baklava. You will find the authentic taste and unique atmosphere in real Greek restaurants. Warsaw, like other European capitals, offers its residents and guests cuisines from various corners of the world, including tasty and healthy Greek cuisine.

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