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Craving delicious pizza in Warsaw? We have good news – you won’t be disappointed. The competition among pizzerias in Warsaw is immense, undoubtedly translating into customer satisfaction. With top-quality ingredients and skilled pizzaiolos, the pizza will satisfy your taste buds. The variety of pizza types in Warsaw is vast, with Neapolitan pizza being one of the more popular choices.

Last updated: February 2, 2024



A visit to a renowned pizzeria in Warsaw is a must. It’s a tribute to Italians, not only for their invaluable contribution to the architecture of the Polish capital but also for the global popularization of pizza.

Excellent pizza in Warsaw for true connoisseurs

You can indulge in the charms of the big city while savoring delicious pizza during lunch, dinner, or meetings with friends. It’s no wonder that both children and adults worldwide have fallen in love with this round delicacy. The best pizzerias in Warsaw place great emphasis on the quality of their dishes. Pizza baked briefly at a very high temperature, ranging between 400 and 500 degrees Celsius, is not only a healthy but also a valuable dish.

Pizza is served in many different locations in the capital. To avoid disappointment, it’s better to use our guide to the best pizza in Warsaw.






Nonna Pizzeria

Nonna Pizzeria is a culinary gem hidden in a charming alley, just steps away from the Old Town. It’s a small, intimate venue that transports guests straight into the Neapolitan atmosphere. The short but always surprising menu features a dozen variations of Neapolitan pizza, as well as a selection of snacks and desserts. For lovers of classics – Marinara and Bufalina, for the bold – the spicy Diavola. All made with the highest quality ingredients on thin crust that melts in the mouth with a subtle smoky flavor.

In the summer season, a cozy garden is available. In addition to the main location at 11 Oboźna Street, Nonna Pizzeria Take Away at 50 Solec Street offers delivery and personal pickup options throughout the year, with the possibility of tasting on-site in the summer garden.

The coal-fired ceramic stove is the centerpiece of Nooa Pizzeria, where culinary wonders happen. Despite the lack of reservations and occasional queues, it’s worth waiting a moment for one of the best pizzas in Warsaw. The efficient and smiling staff will deliver excellent pizza very quickly, and reasonable prices make the experience even more satisfying.

ul. Oboźna 11, Śródmieście
ul. Solec 50, Śródmieście

Casa di Tuzza

A culinary discovery on the historic Senatorska Street. As the history of the street dates back to medieval times, this is an additional advantage of the location of Casa di Tuzza. The pizzeria achieved success despite the difficulties associated with the lockdown, changing its location to a more spacious one and expanding its offer. The unique atmosphere emanating from this place makes it a popular destination for pizza enthusiasts.

In the Casa di Tuzza menu, in addition to classic flavors such as “Italian Job” (Margherita is called this here), you will find unique compositions, such as Pizza Denaro with cherry jam, which surprises in combination with tomato sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, and spicy salami. Pizza Giardino with artichokes is another original proposal. Thin edges, black bubbles, and a juicy center are the essence of true Neapolitan pizza. The Casa di Tuzza menu now includes appetizers and desserts. In addition to lemonade, you can also enjoy beer, wine, or cocktails. Pizza can be ordered through applications, by phone, or for self-pickup.

ul. Senatorska 28, Śródmieście
Indulge yourself with a delicious pizza in Warsaw

Tutti Santi

Tutti Santi restaurant, part of a chain led by the master of classic Italian pizza, Valerio Valle, guarantees exceptional culinary and aesthetic experiences. The network, covering several locations in Poland, captivates not only with the taste of dishes but also with the atmosphere and unique decor. Painted saints on the walls add a unique character to the restaurant. Here, everyone can enjoy authentic Italian specialties, including dozens of pizza varieties, excellent pasta, fresh salads, and exquisite desserts such as rich tiramisu or light panna cotta with saffron and raspberry mousse. The menu also includes options tailored to vegans and those avoiding gluten.

Tutti Santi is an ideal place for gatherings with friends and family, including children. It’s worth noting that reservations are not accepted on weekends, but the atmosphere, taste, and authenticity of Italian cuisine are well worth the wait. Although it may not be the cheapest pizzeria in Warsaw, appreciating the quality of using original Italian ingredients is worthwhile.

ul. Królewska 18, Śródmieście






The excellent location on Krucza Street makes Pizzaiolo a frequent destination for pizza lovers. A modern, rock atmosphere prevails here, filled with relaxation and friendly commotion. Pizzaiolo restaurant specializes in modern Neapolitan pizza. Although the menu includes well-known standards, the true gems are the original variations. Creative compositions are bold yet thoughtful, presenting an innovative approach to traditional pizza. A new week means new, surprising versions of pizza, often prepared with seasonal ingredients straight from local suppliers. Whether it’s pizza with asparagus, potato puree, beetroot, chickpea and carrot puree, or an eccentric cake with dark chocolate, ice cream, orange marmalade, rum sauce, mint, and chili – Pizzaiolo continually delights with innovation.

Pizzaiolo does not accept reservations, which may result in a short wait for a table. However, waiting time can be spent at the bar, enjoying unique cocktails, drinks, or craft beer. It’s worth noting that there is a time limit of two hours from the time of placing an order.

ul. Krucza 16/22, Śródmieście

Lekko & Strawnie – pizza napoletana

Lekko & Strawnie is a relatively new pizzeria in Warsaw, and it has already gained great acclaim from guests. This is due to excellent quality, unique taste, and an authentic Italian atmosphere. The lightness of the dough is a totally original recipe and preparation method. The long fermentation ensures that you can easily digest the pizza. On the highest quality crust, you will always find fresh toppings, such as San Marzano DOP tomatoes. The menu includes a dozen unique pizzas, such as Pancetta with delicious green pea puree, praised Mortadella with pistachio pesto, or the flawless Vegan.

Friendly service, the owner’s commitment, and Rafał’s “enthusiasm” create a unique atmosphere. Rafał, a manually painted, impressively sized oven, can bake over 100 pies in four hours – he’s a real champ! Lekko & Strawnie offers not only excellent pizzas but also perfect tiramisu, delicious classic Italian snacks, and selected drinks, including craft beer from a local microbrewery. You can easily reserve a table through the website to enjoy an Italian evening in Muranów.

al. Jana Pawła II 50/15, Śródmieście


This is another place where you can count on really good pizza in Warsaw. You’ll find it easily by following not only the smell of pizza but also the glowing sphere above the entrance to the venue. The interior of this place captivates with designer lamps, creating an original installation in a minimalist-futuristic environment. It’s a perfect place to meet friends or have a date with pleasant background music and an excellent selection of drinks, including craft beers.

The concise menu offers Neapolitan pizza in several versions, such as white pizza with mozzarella and black pepper, as well as seasonal specialties. You can come across pizza with asparagus, burrata, spinach and garlic pesto. The offer also includes delicious sandwiches, Italian appetizers, original ice cream, and aromatic coffee. The lunch offer includes soup and pizza. Visit this family business where everything revolves around yeast, which was the inspiration and has become the guiding theme of the restaurant. After a culinary feast, we recommend taking a walk down Andersa Street.

ul. gen. Władysława Andersa 22, Śródmieście

Savor the flavor of pizza in Warsaw

The highly acclaimed pizza in Warsaw attracts a diverse group of food enthusiasts. Here, you will always find company that shares your culinary preferences. You can enjoy the traditional round delicacy or an exquisite combination. Monotony has no chance when you visit a good pizzeria in Warsaw.