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- A guide for Polish cuisine aficionados and those who want to discover it
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For many years now, the best restaurants serving Polish food in Warsaw have been in high demand. In a lot of those facilities, finding a free table during lunch or dinner hours is a nearly impossible task. Polish cuisine is widely enjoyed, not only by residents of the country on the Vistula River who are accustomed to their national flavors, but also by guests from abroad who are increasingly choosing Poland as their vacation destination.

Last updated: January 17, 2024



Polish restaurants in Warsaw are a combination of traditional regional cuisine, highest quality ingredients that come from local suppliers, and a modern twist from professional chefs.

Where can you taste Polish cuisine in Warsaw?

Polish cuisine is not only full of flavors but also rich in historical traditions. Our cuisine has developed and evolved over centuries, combining various cultural and regional influences. In present times, we can enjoy not only traditional Polish dishes but also their modern and creative interpretations. The restaurants that we recommend will get you acquainted with traditional Polish cuisine while their creative culinary twists will bring you to a higher level of gastronomical sensations. Therefore, we welcome you to our culinary world. Let’s go!






Stary Dom

Stary Dom is a place with a tradition of fine dining. The history of this place dates back to the mid-1900s – Stary Dom has been jockeys’ and horse race enthusiasts’ favorite for many years because of its vicinity to Służewiec. The restaurant’s décor alludes to the atmosphere of old Warsaw.

The chef creates dishes inspired by old and time-tested recipes. Their specialties are made directly in front of the client’s eyes. The facility is the winner of Slow Food Polska recommendations, which focuses on diligence in selecting regional products and cares about regional suppliers. As an appetizer, the chef proposes homemade bread with lard and pickled cucumbers from Hajnówka, Kashubian-style herring with tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, and parsley, or the immortal tartare. And for the main course, we have the classic icons of Polish cuisine: Hunter’s bigos, Mielone, meat with horseradish sauce, or exquisite poliki wołowe (beef cheeks) – stewed on low heat with potato puree and marinades from Podlachia. True poetry of taste!

Soup lovers won’t be disappointed either. They’ll have the choice of either: rosół (chicken broth) from country chickens with pasta, żur (sour rye soup) made with homemade sourdough accompanied by boletus and white sausage from Biebrza, and Latvian Chłodnik (beetroot-based soup).

ul. Puławska 104/106, Mokotów


A traditional Polish restaurant with over a dozen years of experience on the culinary map of Warsaw. It has gained a range of enthusiasts for its delicious dishes –unique because of their recipes passed down through generations and a specific consequence in their recreation. Papu beautifully serves their dishes, and the products come from reliable local suppliers. Their motto is: Papu is tradition, Papu is regionalism, Papu is flavor.

What can we taste in Papu? For appetizers, we recommend the crispy potato pancakes or the beef tartare with shallots and homemade marinades. For the main course, you can choose either a traditional schabowy cutlet (Polish schnitzel), duck, something less obvious like a chanterelle risotto, or a turkey roll filled with bryndza cheese. Their fish menu is interesting as well. In here, you’ll find a cod fillet with pea puree and beurre blanc sauce as well as a sturgeon fillet with saffron risotto and herb sauce. They have soups too: beet green soup with eggs, żurek with white sausage and egg, and rosół with pieces of roasted duck and homemade noodles. The prices are moderate.

al. Niepodległości 132/136, Mokotów
Polish restaurants Warsaw
Indulge yourself with a traditional Polish cuisine in Warsaw


If you’re looking for a cozy place with a beautiful, warm, flowery décor, then Zielnik will be perfect! Their charming garden in the im. Gen. Gustaw Orlicz-Dreszer Park is an amazing option for warm summer days in the company of delicious coffee and sophisticated sweets. It’s also a place where you can get to know Polish cuisine.

For appetizers, you can order a crispy baguette with mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil pesto, kaszanka (blood pudding) on chalka, or a rustic grilled sausage with potato salad. Then comes the time for the soup – tomato or traditional Latvian chłodnik. There’s also a soup of the day – ask the staff about it. For the main course, you can choose, among other things the grilled karkówka (pork neck) with ogórek małosolny (Polish type of pickle), halibut steak with green beans and colorful salads, or Rib-Eye with grilled vegetables and sweet potato fries in aioli sauce with herb butter.

There’s also a kid’s menu that has grilled chicken with fries and carrot salad as well as mini cod fillets with fries and a salad. The restaurant has the option of vouchers which you can gift to your family or coworkers.

ul. Odyńca 15, Mokotów





Restauracja Baczewskich

This restaurant’s tradition dates back to pre-WWII and alludes nostalgically to the 20s and 30s’ dishes as well as drinks. It’s a culinary legacy passed down through generations straight to the clients’ plate. The name Baczewskich is not only a brand of legendary exquisite liquors, served here to this day, but also a symbol and synonym of good taste and style that comes from a long tradition, a bit elitist but also modern and accessible.

There’s a wide breakfast choice, including Lviv-style breakfast, which we recommend not only to the Kresy cuisine aficionados. For lunch, you might want to order at least one of the many variations of pierogis, or, for a change, potato rolls with calf’s liver. Their calf liver steak is also worth trying. They serve soups that allude to Polish Kresy cuisine as well as Ukrainian cuisine – we recommend borscht.

Al. Szucha 17/19, Śródmieście
Polish food in Warsaw
Native specialties in restaurants serving Polish cuisine in Warsaw

Polana Smaków

Andrzej Polana, known not only for culinary tv programs, came up with the concept for Polana Smaków. You’ll notice the cozy, homely atmosphere right away, as well as the distinguished cuisine, which is formed by many years of experience, reliable formulas, and regional products of the highest quality.

For appetizers, the restaurant recommends: tartare, a sandwich made of young potatoes and sour cucumber salad, grilled chanterelles, a young potato pancake, bolete mushrooms with parsley and thick cream, or pierogis with chanterelles, cottage cheese, fava beans, a golden bun and spinach. In the soup section, we have the traditional tomato soup, sorrel soup, chicken broth soup, and cucumber chłodnik. For the main courses, there’s a mielony “jak kiedyś” (old school meat patty), turkey gołąbkis (meat-stuffed cabbage), or a yard chicken in mushroom sauce. Yum!

ul. E. Plater 14, Śródmieście

Gruby Josek

The last proposition in our guide is truly exceptional! Fully dedicated to Warsaw and its rich culinary tradition. From the doorstep, you’ll be greeted by the nostalgic melody of old Warsaw. When you sit by the large window, through which you can see the city, you’ll feel the atmosphere even more. But what will surprise you the most are the dishes coming out of Gruby Jozek’s kitchen! The entire menu is tailored to classic Warsaw cuisine, as evident in the names of the dishes. You’ll find items such as “stołeczna meduza” (metropolitan jellyfish), “tatarek,” “śledzik w śmietanie” (herring in sour cream), “pasztecik z wątróbki na chrupiącym chlebku” (pâté with liver on crispy bread), “kalmar a’ la panna Dzidzia” (calamari à la Aunt Dzidzia), “pajda z gęsimi pipkami” (slice of bread with goose bits), “flaczki,” “rosołek,” or “nadwiślańskie gołąbki” (Vistula cabbage rolls).

The dishes and the decor overflow with memories and nostalgia but also possess a unique character and quality that have characterized Warsaw and its residents for generations. As the creators of Gruby Jozek say, it’s the only place of its kind in Poland, and guests can feel like they’re on an old Warsaw street, experiencing the unique atmosphere of the city.

al. Jana Pawła II 27, Atrium Centrum, Śródmieście

Polish cuisine – you won’t be disappointed in Warsaw

Fans of traditional Polish cuisine won’t be disappointed. Warsaw has loads of places where you’ll eat a delicious and nutritious meal on its gastronomical map. Everyone who dreams of a traditional Sunday chicken broth soup and schabowy meat patty with cucumber salad will be satisfied. Those who are looking for some more distinguished flavors, coming from pre-war or Kresy cuisine can also breezily set off to a culinary adventure around Warsaw!

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