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Lunch in Warsaw is a daily routine for many residents, especially those working in the capital, where eating out becomes a necessity. The lunchtime is often utilized for various meetings, both business and social.

Last updated: January 21, 2024



Sometimes, we lack the time to prepare a full-fledged meal to bring to work. Local restaurateurs come to the rescue, offering increasingly intriguing lunch menus. Lunch in the city is a tempting option for everyone, regardless of culinary preferences.

A satisfying lunch in Warsaw – the best spots

Lunch is served between 12:00 and 16:00. This flexible window allows for adjusting the meal to the work break. We’ve selected 6 restaurants with lunch menus that will not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide a moment of relaxation in a different environment than the office, and most importantly, won’t break the bank.






InFormal Kitchen

InFormal Kitchen Warszawa
Have a delicious lunch at InFormal Kitchen

InFormal Kitchen emphasizes comfort food, dishes that uplift the mood and provide a sense of fulfillment. The cuisine at InFormal Kitchen is simple but exceptionally tasty, devoid of molecular experiments or micro portions for tasting. For lunch, the restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, including soups, main meat and vegetarian courses, desserts, and drinks. A lunch consisting of fish soup, tilapia in beer batter, or pancakes with strawberry filling costs 39 Polish złoty. Lunch is available from 12:00 and is also offered for takeout.

pl. Małachowskiego 2, Śródmieście

Warszawa Wschodnia

Warszawa Wschodnia takes you on a culinary journey through Polish and French cuisine. Located in Praga, the restaurant offers a lunchtime classic. Lunch at Warszawa Wschodnia is mainly Polish cuisine with a touch of international inspiration, strongly rooted in the French style. The weekly menu is available on Facebook. Sample dishes include pea soup, turkey meatballs, carrot and horseradish salad, mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, paprika sauce, lettuce, and a Florentine dessert. Lunch is served from 12:00 to 16:00, costing around 35 złoty.

ul. Mińska 29A, Praga Południe

Regina Bar

Regina Bar is renowned for excellent cocktails and a unique atmosphere. In addition, during lunch hours, it also offers lunch. Regina Bar’s unique lunches combine New York chic, the simplicity of Italian cuisine, and a hint of Asian influences. Regina Bar has two locations with slightly different lunch offerings. For a set including cucumber soup, beef bites in their own sauce, baked potatoes, cold beets with pickled cucumber, or stuffed pepper with bulgur and mushrooms, you’ll pay 35 złoty. Lunch is served from 12:00 to 16:00.

ul. Koszykowa 1, Śródmieście
ul. Mysia 3, Śródmieście





Mąka i Woda

A modern restaurant located in a courtyard on Chmielna Street, where freshly made pasta, Neapolitan-style pizza, organic bread, deli meats, and vegetables from local producers are served. The lunch, priced at 35 złoty, includes soup or an appetizer, pizza, and pasta. The menu may seem simple, but the flavors evoke sunny Italy. Characteristic of “Mąka i Woda” are bold flavors and simple compositions, perfectly reflecting the quality of the ingredients. The lunch menu changes every day but always includes an appetizer, main course, and a carafe of water.

ul.Chmielna 13A, Śródmieście
Lunch places Warsaw
Warsaw has a lot of great lunch restaurants

Syty Chmiel

At Syty Chmiel, there’s an atmosphere of a true home-cooked dinner. The cuisine is based on local Polish products, and everything is made from scratch. The lunch menu includes cucumber soup, beef bites in their own sauce, baked potatoes, cold beets with pickled cucumber, or stuffed pepper with bulgur and mushrooms. Lunch costs 28 złoty and is served from 12:00 to 16:00. You can also order homemade lemonade or compote for an additional 5 złoty. Syty Chmiel is a good option when you want to feel like you’re having lunch at mom’s.

ul. Marszałkowska 10/16, Śródmieście

The Cool Cat

Finally, The Cool Cat offers one of the most creative lunch offerings in Warsaw. Similar to their iconic breakfasts, lunches are characterized by a crazy twist and a hint of Asian flavors. The Cool Cat serves delicious dishes in a friendly atmosphere. The menu includes miso soup with wakame, mushrooms in panko, eggplant in peanut butter sauce, dill potatoes on gzika, and a salad with cilantro, green beans, and Sichuan pepper, oven-baked chicken, and a dessert with tapioca, watermelon, and sweet coconut milk. The menu is adapted to various dietary preferences, including vegan diets and those with lactose, casein, and gluten intolerance. The Cool Cat can be found in two locations in the capital.

ul. Solec 38, Śródmieście
ul. Marszałkowska 8, Śródmieście

Tasty and nourishing lunch in Warsaw

Lunch is a staple on the menu for many people working a job or running their own business. We have presented places offering the best lunches in Warsaw that, combined with a unique atmosphere, will meet expectations during a work break, a business lunch, or a casual meeting with friends.